Kramatorsk Volunteer Center

We'll turn off the lights last

We provide psychological, mental, social and humanitarian support to children, youth, adults, military personnel, and everyone who needs it in the war-affected eastern regions of Ukraine.

Center history

We write history in the colors of Help, Goodness and Light!


Kramatorsk Volunteer Center is a non-partisan, non-governmental, non-profit organization that was founded to help citizens affected by the armed conflicts in eastern Ukraine, internally displaced persons and those who have found themselves in difficult life circumstances due to the war.

A team of volunteers in the Kramatorsk center

Since the first days of the full-scale war, we have created a powerful volunteer team that has been helping residents of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. Initially, it was only humanitarian aid: water, food, clothing, hygiene products, as well as emergency visits and assistance to the most vulnerable residents of our region.

But now our goal is to restore and rebuild our native land. And working with children and youth is an extremely important task. We understand that children are our future, and we will do everything possible for their full and emotionally healthy development, even in difficult conditions. We do not want them to have only war in their minds.

So we set up a youth center in the heart of Kramatorsk. In the most difficult time for Donetsk region, we stay at home, here, and continue to support people. We do what we have to do.


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Our projects

Support space for children

We provide psychological and psychosocial support to children affected by the war, create conditions for the full leisure and development of children and youth in Donetsk region. Children can study, have fun, get help from psychologists, and join art therapy both at our center and at events we organize in the region and in the frontline areas.

Patriotic workshop

Program "Mental Health"

Reconstruction and restoration of the region

Emergency help

Дівчинка малюєЩаслива сімʼяВідбудова і відновлення краюEmergency help


To take care of the most valuable things - people, their land,

and life.

Children's drawing

We are building

a home for strong,

brave people on the ruins.

Our values

Human life

A person, their safety, health, psychological state, environment, quality of life, and happy future are the most valuable things.


Leadership is our active position, protection, and representation of our region on the path of recovery, reconstruction, and development.

Unity and partnership

We believe that only by uniting together can we achieve the greatest results on the path of recovery and development of our Ukraine.

our events

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We are convinced that creative and patriotic activities for children during the war are of particular importance. They help children find inner strength, express feelings and emotions, and nurture love even in difficult times. Classes include art therapy, creative workshops, sand therapy and an art studio. Together with our psychologists, we conduct developmental classes for children with special needs under a special program.

Together with the children, we create an atmosphere of light and joy, the rays of which pierce hearts with love of life and hope for the best.


WORLD CENTRAL KITCHEN'Scaritasverband für die stadt essen e.v International Rescue CommitteewokaЛого Hurkit
Human hand and dog paw

Our other foundations

Hachiko Foundation UA

We support homeless animals on the front line and in the de-occupied cities and villages of Ukraine. Our mission is to give these pets safety, hope and boundless love.

We believe that every creature deserves a happy and safe life.


Our team

Kateryna Onishchenko

Kateryna Onishchenko
Sergiy Onishchenko

Sergiy Onishchenko

Logistics, Purchasing Manager
Olga Popchenko

Olga Popchenko

Communications Manager
Inna Kushnir

Inna Kushnir

Event manager
Support the center

We are open to cooperation and partnership, looking for donors to support our initiatives and projects to make our region a better place for everyone. We invite you to join our community and help where it is really needed.


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